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A Lot of Work.

I had to go back through all of my old posts and add titles to the reblogs.  Then I also had to add tags and categories.  Never gonna let myself get so sloppy again.


Okay i have to admit the reason I’m reblogging this is because i found it funny. Also as a gamer and nudist i found it to be interesting.

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photographer1 photographer2

I’ve not been contributing much lately. If you’re an SL regular, you’ll know that feeling. Sometimes RL simply swamps you. And ‘swamp’ is an appropriate word!

You might have read Ella’s postings on the storms that have battered the UK in recent weeks. I was ‘victim’ to them, although I thankfully got off much lighter than many others. Our garage, set on the hill to the side of our house, was flooded, and we did lose electricity to our house for several days and some of our ‘white goods’ (our freezer, washing machine and tumble drier) were all lost to the water, alongside much of the remainder of the contents of the garage…lawnmower, etc.

Anyway, life goes on.

diane camera_001bdiane camera2_001bdiane camera3_001b

The house is largely back to normal now, and SL time can return :) Hoorah!

The only ‘upside’ to the flooding around us (we’ve not been affected this last, awful week) is…

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Originally posted on clothes free life:

@Thenaturistspag discussing the recent and ongoing FB purge of clothes free pages

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Nudist Pastor Reveals How His Church Worships Jesus in One of the Most Uncommon Ways Imaginable

I chose the Blaze because they are generally pretty decent and unbiased about their reporting

Changed the color scheme.

Well as you can see I’ve changed the color scheme of the site so as to make it easier to read.  Tell me what you think again.

quick question about this blog.

Okay i am thinking of updating the theme and all.  I think i remember someone saying they can’t see it very well because of the colors.  So any ideas what theme would be nice?


Yeah…I’m starting to feel old, and fat.  I guess these pictures kind of reflect my mood at the moment.  The bad thing about cold weather is it makes it harder to go for a walk and try to improve my health.  Thankfully though a space heater in my computer room helps me drastically reduce how much heating gas i use, so my gas bill has been low this month so far.

As a nudist i sometimes i find myself asking, “Do i need to lose weight and get healthy for my sake or the sake of being nude.  Being nude all the time you get used to your own body, but you also have to look at yourself and if you are lucky you don’t become judgmental of yourself to the point where you feel disgusted at your own looks.  Some days i feel that way.  Especially when it comes to my own nudism.  When i mention that i sit at home all day in the nude to other blacks, i either get some restrained laughter, or judgmental looks from them, especially the older blacks.  But i am well on my way to being that older black person.  I’m 36 yrs old now.  Maybe i need to find a life and a nudist retreat.

Either way i just stepped outside in the buff to toss out some food to the local stray cats and i can tell its only 60 degrees out.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk and get out of this house for a bit.

Well its that…time of year again.  Last night it was 37 degrees around 2 AM.  I was in my safe, warm bed of course.  But over the last 2 weeks I’ve had to make a decision as to whether to weather the cold or make some changes.  To be honest i can’t afford the high cost of heating gas this winter so I have to look at reality and decide that i may actually have to put on some clothes this winter.  In all truth i really don’t have a choice.  This house is old and it gets cold quickly  and then it takes forever to warm it up.  So looking at news articles that say the price of heating a home may go up 30% in some states i have to look at what is most cost effective.  Running two old gas heaters on high?  or putting on some clothes.  So far i have found a delightful pair of P.J. pants that a female friend bought for me years ago and i am wearing them now along with a great long t-shirt.

The only option i have (which i may use frequently) is to run the heating units on high for a few hours a day to quickly heat up the house and then turn them down, or off and hope that the house remains warm enough throughout the rest of said day and night.  I am not hopeful that this plan will work.  So what I’m looking at is spending part of the day naked except for a pair of socks, because the floors are cold.

I’ve always wanted to wonder around outside in the nude.  I’ve managed to sneak outside a few times but never really enjoyed the moment.  Most of the time i would site on the steps of my back door and smoke a cigarette.  And yeah those steps are uncomfortable to sit on.

So yeah, this year was going to be the year.  I was going to stand outside and get the job done this summer.  At first the usual excuses started, but then something terrible happened.  The tree in my back yard had to be totally cut down due to fears of the old dead thing falling on the house in a storm.  A very large branch had hit the house more then a year ago and luckily cause no damage, but no chances could be taken this year and so it was cut down.

The old tree was the only thing that obstructed the view to my back doorstep.  My back yard neighbor is a 80+ yr old woman who I’ve only met 3 times since I moved here years ago.  And yet i am now paranoid that she’ll see me if i step outside in the nude, even if it’s 2 AM.  And to be honest her back window is more the 30 yards away.  *sigh*  OK maybe one last try.  I don’t even know any more.


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