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live naked live proud

Hey friends,

It’s Buck. I was thinking today about nudist/naturist resorts, and how anybody of any age, race or background can be a nudist. But yet, I fear a lot of people don’t feel that way. There are a lot of nudists/naturists that I think don’t get enough notice. For instance, I know that there are a lot of older nudists who tend to be rather edgy towards younger nudists, especially single men. There’s a number of nudist resorts that only cater to couples, and not singles. And of course, there’s a number of nudist resorts that don’t cater to children under 18. If we shun people away, how can we get more people into nudism, especially the younger crowds?

Being a young single male nudist myself, I do not understand why there is this disconnect, and it kind of hurts my feelings–especially if I cannot go into a nudist…

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here are my thoughts on this.  The concerns the Fab expressed are concerns that I have had for a while.  Over the years of reading different naturist forums I’ve come to realize that there are four things that most naturist resorts don’t want: Single men, Black men, Gay men, and pre-op transsexuals.

Why?  My only guess is because of certain stigmas.  Single men are immediately suspected of being there to cruise for sex.  Black men make white males feel threatened because of penis size.  Gay men make all males feel uneasy because they assume that the gay males are staring at them in a sexual manner.  And pre-op transsexuals make everyone feel uncomfortable and uneasy, with all the tiptoeing around them and the gender issues that they bring with them. 

It seems hilarious to me that these reasons are why the mentioned people are made to feel unwanted at Naturist events or retreats.  Its as if the regular straight white couples assume that the aforementioned people have no maturity and no control over their sex drives or their behavior.  And that when presented with a area filled with naked adults and children our eyes will pop out of our heads, erections will present themselves like flagpoles and every man, woman, and child shall need to fear for their innocence, or their orifices.  I feel as if we are getting a bad rap here.  Although how to change it, i have no idea.

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I follow the naturist lifestyle the best and only way I can and have wondered why certain naturists don’t follow back on Twitter.    After my interview with Björ Christianson in February I understood. Anyone I follow can see what I “favorited” and this is why I think being a gay naturist can be an issue. I do not retweet anything sexual or related to porn that comes through my feed. I will block when I have a chance anything that has to do with sex or porn. (As of this writing, my Twitter account is protected and therefore I get to accept who can follow me).

As an artist and a gay man I can appreciate the male form and have on occasion “favorited” pictures of nude men on Twitter. Not in any state of arousal mind you, just pictures of beautiful men in either an outdoor or natural setting.  …

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I’ve been thinking about this over the last few hours, and I’ve finally decided to say something about my concerns and thoughts.

After i read the article on Wikipedia about the origins of the WBNR. I got to thinking.  How many of the bike riders in the WBNR are actually naturists?  How many of the bike riders are just a bunch of 20-somethings and eternal college co-eds looking to do something fun or believe they are protesting or supporting something?

As I asked myself these questions more concerns and questions sprang to mind.  Many of them having to deal with the ever encroaching politics into our daily lives.  Naturism by default is not a political statement.  I believe that Naturism in and of itself has tried to keep it that way, mainly because throughout the 50’s and into the late 60’s we were seen as a bunch of hippies and communists.

But now with many politicians and political parties being dragged into every social debate that pops up it seems that those in the sociopolitical movements have begun pulling and pushing every one of their issues as some kind of political statement or a personal statement.  And they also try to drag every last person into the debate and issue as well, demanding that you state where you stand, or be labelled as something negative.  And now it seems that the nude body, and perhaps Naturism is being slowly dragged into the political debate.

After I looked at some other articles today I noticed something.  I noticed a difference between Naturist events and what I call Nude Political Statements.

Naturist events are often held in private.  Families and friends gather to exercise, have fun, or just enjoy being nude and feeling the world around them without clothes on.  While Naturism does promote a healthy self-image of one’s body.  It does not openly push or promote the ideal.  There are plenty of Nudists and Naturists who only prefer the company of other naturists/nudists and would not bare it all in a public forum.  Naturists events have people of all body types, shapes, and colors.

Yet the Nude Political Statement is almost the exact opposite.  The Statement is completely voyeuristic in nature.  The Statement is mostly attended by attractive female co-eds. (you notice you never see the fat, ugly, or the aged at these statements)   It is a form of Political Voyeurism where the participants are trying to draw attention to themselves in the most shocking and attention drawing way possible.  It says a lot about their political stance and the issue they are trying to draw attention to.  Their nudity says this, “We believe our issue is really important, but the rest of the world does not.  So we are going to shove said issue into your brain by running around naked in the most public place available!”  Funny how such a thing doesn’t ever seem to actually help their cause in the least.

And yet these “Statement makers” immediately become offended when the voyeurs and pervs come out with their cameras, the laughter, and ultimately the insults.  The statement makers start crying rape, or claim some type of imaginary visual assault has taken place.  But didn’t they want to draw attention to themselves in the first place?  In the age of the cell phone camera don’t expect privacy if you choose to walk around nude in public.  If you decide to participate in the WNBR don’t become insulted or enraged when the pervs come around with their cameras, and don’t try to cover up either.  If you have the guts to make such a ‘bold’ political statement, then make sure you are courageous enough to deal with the consequences.

In the end my main concern is that people are using Naturism as a excuse or a prop to help push their political statements.  And while I really don’t mind true in-public nudity.  It should be done because you believe that being nude is a healthy, normal state not because you want to draw attention to yourself or a cause.  I hope we as Naturists can stay out of the field of politics as long as possible.  The nature of politics has become so poisonous and miserable as of late that I wonder if i can stand to be the a political aficionado anymore.  And i would hate for Naturism to be sickened by the current politics of the day.


I just finished reading this article and I have to say, for years now I thought the WNBR was some kind of Naturist event.  But its origins are steeped in environmentalism and a pro-bike riders campaign from 2003.  The Wikipedia article that i read pretty much says its has nothing to do with Naturism, but apparently we Naturists have adopted it.  Although how many of us participate in the WNBR remains to be seen.

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Such a jumble of emotions and feelings! Such a day! The only thing that spoiled it was that the weather wasn’t fantastically sunny or hot. Although, when I think about it, maybe it would have made the ride a little uncomfortable to have to cycle in temperatures in the mid-20s. Certainly, when out of the shade, it was lovely. In shade, it could feel chilly at times.

I’ll backtrack a bit.

We’ve written regularly about the WNBR on SLN. Ella and I even talked about trying to organise a SL equivalent. We’ve spoken about how we’d like to do it…some day. So earlier this year my husband and I decided that we would do it, this year. I’m not writing this as a participant in Brighton’s WNBR, and smiling to myself as I type, trying to capture the memories of the day and give you an insight into the event.

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First off

This is a naked slut with a game controller in her hand.

naked slut with a game controller in hand

naked slut with a game controller in her hand

And this is a naturist who is happens to be playing video games.

naked gamer

naked gamer

Notice a distinct difference?  Yes the slut with a game controller in hand looks really sexy and she doesn’t look very nerdy or geeky.  Hell it doesn’t look like she’s actually playing video games at all.  Now the naked gamer is actually playing a video game.  She doesn’t look very sexy at all does she?  Nope not in the lest!  Most gamers male and female don’t exactly ooze sex appeal.  In fact many of us are kinda homely.

But to get to my point i was looking for some nude gamer pics for this article.  And low and behold i stumble on this little nugget of sadness:

Nude Gamers have nothing up Their Sleeves as Hoax Creates New Gaming Trend.

Yes i was mollified.  I posted a article about nude gaming some months ago and now i find out it was based on a hoax.  I try not to be so thin-skinned, but i was genuinely upset by this.  I am a nerd, and gamer, and a nudist.  To know that two things I love were started by a couple of jerks who did it for laughs makes me angry.  But i will try to calm down.  Its a acceptable trend now and maybe to our advantage.  Take it as you will.


Reblogging this so other’s who read my blog who live in Nevada can have this info.

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********************************************************************** NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE


Copyright 2015 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.
DATE: June 3, 2015

SUBJECT: Nevada Assembly Bill 49

TO: Nevada naturists and other concerned citizens
This is an Action Alert from the Naturist Action Committee (NAC). In coordination with the government affairs committee of AANR-West, NAC is asking you to take specific action to oppose a dangerous and poorly worded legislative bill in Nevada. Assembly Bill 49 is on the desk of the Governor, and if you are a Nevada resident, NAC asks that you contact the Governor’s office immediately and request that the poorly worded bill be vetoed.

Assembly Bill 49 is a conglomeration of additions and amendments to existing Nevada law…

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great article

Originally posted on clothes free life:

This is about at home nudism. I just thought to tell my story and wrote my thoughts. I hope you like it.

imageWhen I was a little girl I lived in my home country of Greenland. It’s not a good place for nudists, even with global warming making the ice retreat. So I wrapped myself in many layers of clothes, like everyone did. The clothing was another person on me, so heavy. I didn’t know anything different until I came to Toronto, Canada. My half-sister lived in Toronto with her man and their children. The children were young and they liked to go nude around the house and sometimes go to the country and be naked there. It was strange for me to see them that way, but I saw how happy they were. I was shy but I joined them. I tried being nude outdoors at a forest. We…

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Originally posted on clothes free life:

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1432182377325  img_9962img_9989


Dozens of students go topless on campus to ‘Free the Nipple’

SAN DIEGO – A rally for gender equality had UC San Diego students stripping down Wednesday afternoon.  Organizers said the goal of “Free the Nipple” was to de-sexualize the female breasts. They are calling for the same rights as men when it comes to going topless in public.  On Wednesday, dozens of male and female students disrobed on UC San Diego’s campus. Everyone was encouraged to strip down to their own comfort level.  “…We’re trying to normalize this and feel good about our bodies for both men and women,” said one participant.  
Free the Nipple at UCSD
Dozens of students go topless at UC San Diego’s campus
    If this wasn’t more sensationalist feminist shilling I’d be okay with it.  But i know what we can do!  As men let us declare a “Free the Plumbing” day!  Or maybe we’ll be really catchy and call it, “GO PANTS LESS DAY”!  Now of course that means me will get to walk around with their penises and testicles fully exposed for all to see.  We’ll hand out literature claiming that underwear and pants are oppressing us.  And that pants are a system of oppression by the woman to keep us down!  We’ll also hand out pamphlets showing that men who have their testicles and penis exposed to natural sunlight have better reproductive and mental health.  We’ll also throw is some naturist and religious references to make us look legit.
     Oh who am I kidding.  We’d barely make it a day!  After hundreds of car wrecks, numerous arrests, assaults by angry husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and triggered feminists we’d be a mess. And the only thing we’d get out of its bruises, infertility, and an arrest record which will probably include numerous charges of rape by proxy and sexual offenses.  Well at least we’d be rid of this “Go shamelessly pander for extreme feminism” day.

Mom ‘Sick’ Over Daughter’s Controversial Class Assignment.


Poor mama’s little baby is gonna be nude in a classroom.  In California of all places.  I guess the mother must have forgotten she was sending her child to school in the land of fruit and nuts.  Personally I’m all for the class, not because I’m and nudists or even because i do nude photography, but because the class is voluntary and nudity is not truly required.  Most of the students are also defending the class.

A visual arts professor at University of California, San Diego, has come under fire this week for an assignment that requires students to be naked in front of the class.

For his class “Performing the Self,” Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez makes students perform what he calls a “nude/naked gesture,” which is basically a short performance in the nude.

This week, the mother of one student in the class spoke out against the assignment. “It bothers me; I’m not sending her to school for this,” the mother, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told local 10News on Friday. “To blanketly say you must be naked in order to pass my class… It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Now lets get to the heart of the matter.  I wonder if this mother would be concerned if the person teaching the class was some 40-something white female, who is a former flower child.  Instead of a male who is obviously of Mexican heritage.  Not to say the mother is racist, but she is obviously concerned that the ‘evil’ professor is some kind of sicko male perv, who wants to lust over her daughter.  Considering the age of the daughter and the fact that its California, probably more men  have already seen the daughter naked then the numbers of men and women currently attending the class.  But i am willing to bet at least a dollar that if the teacher was female we wouldn’t be hearing of this.  What say you though?


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