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Not the author of the story mind you, but the person that she speaks of in the story!

Art Modeling and Intent.

Mind you i left a very strong comment.

So I’m looking at all the other sites I’m linked to and they look so much better then mine.  :(  its time for a redesign, so help me out here guys and help me choose a new layout for wordpress that looks better.  I can actually afford to spend a little money on the site now.

So i saw these pictures of homes on a image board and I wished and wanted live in a house like the ones in the pictures so badly because they were perfect for naturism and the at home nudist.

my favorite

my favorite


just a great idea

just a great idea

this would be great for a traveling at home nudist type

this would be great for a traveling at home nudist type

1440066862194 1440070379750

for some young at home nudist type

for some young at home nudist type

1440072389080 1440072759138

As you can see the idea behind many of these domiciles is sunlight and a great view.  Perfect for us at home types.  But hey post some links or pictures in the comments of homes you would like to have or already do.

I decided to post some links for naturists of color or anyone who is interested in naturism who is a person of color to check out:

I Am a Black Naturist. experience project site for black naturists to share experiences

Naturists of Color: site good site to start with

Pictures of Black Naturists from photo-sugar

Brown and Bare new and up in coming site.

A article from Yahoo!

Diversity is beautiful.

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maybe I’ll name this one, “Cooking the Nude” or maybe “Cooking in the All Together”.


Started out pretty good.


always wear a apron when cooking with grease.


while the food was cooking i decided to was a few dishes

cooking some squash

cooking some squash

the end result

the end result

some fried squash mixed with leftover Chinese food.  And some Crystal Light Pink Lemonade to drink.

that's all folks.

that’s all folks.

well it did taste pretty good to me.

Hell if I know, but i wanted to do something involving nudity and my camera.  What can i say i was bored.  I was also inspired by some blogger who was taking pictures of himself doing yard work in the nude.  So i says, “Hey i can do something like that too.”

So yesterday I got started:


This is what the windows from across the room look like.  As you can see there’s a brick wall in the neighbor’s yard that obstructs his view which would be right into the computer room.  So generally i keep one of the curtains covering the window on the right.  But to be honest if you’re walking my yard right near the window you can see right in, but that never happens, so why worry.

DSC_0010 DSC_0005

So i decided to look out my window, which i rarely do, and there’s my neighbor getting in his car.  He didn’t see me of course.  And yeah i decided to smoke for these pictures, made it a bit more interesting in my opinion.

taking a smoke and still kinda fat.

taking a smoke and still kinda fat.

Jazz hands

Jazz hands

So i kinda got bored and did a goofy pose.

DSC_0022 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0036

So later that night I decided to take some more pictures of me at my front door.  A little risky, because any one could have driven by at any moment but after 11:30 PM no one is around on my street anyway.

Well that’s it for now.

random thread about naturism.

So i decided to start a random thread about naturism on 4chan to see what people know about Naturism and to see if there is a more casual interest among the average populace.  The results aren’t pretty.  I have say i was kind of saddened, but not surprised.  I mean it is 4chan after all.

nudistthread1 nudistthread2 nudistthread3 nudistthread4

So tell me what you think.


this definitely needs to be reblogged

Originally posted on Clothing Optional:

live naked live proud

Hey friends,

It’s Buck. I was thinking today about nudist/naturist resorts, and how anybody of any age, race or background can be a nudist. But yet, I fear a lot of people don’t feel that way. There are a lot of nudists/naturists that I think don’t get enough notice. For instance, I know that there are a lot of older nudists who tend to be rather edgy towards younger nudists, especially single men. There’s a number of nudist resorts that only cater to couples, and not singles. And of course, there’s a number of nudist resorts that don’t cater to children under 18. If we shun people away, how can we get more people into nudism, especially the younger crowds?

Being a young single male nudist myself, I do not understand why there is this disconnect, and it kind of hurts my feelings–especially if I cannot go into a nudist…

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here are my thoughts on this.  The concerns the Fab expressed are concerns that I have had for a while.  Over the years of reading different naturist forums I’ve come to realize that there are four things that most naturist resorts don’t want: Single men, Black men, Gay men, and pre-op transsexuals.

Why?  My only guess is because of certain stigmas.  Single men are immediately suspected of being there to cruise for sex.  Black men make white males feel threatened because of penis size.  Gay men make all males feel uneasy because they assume that the gay males are staring at them in a sexual manner.  And pre-op transsexuals make everyone feel uncomfortable and uneasy, with all the tiptoeing around them and the gender issues that they bring with them. 

It seems hilarious to me that these reasons are why the mentioned people are made to feel unwanted at Naturist events or retreats.  Its as if the regular straight white couples assume that the aforementioned people have no maturity and no control over their sex drives or their behavior.  And that when presented with a area filled with naked adults and children our eyes will pop out of our heads, erections will present themselves like flagpoles and every man, woman, and child shall need to fear for their innocence, or their orifices.  I feel as if we are getting a bad rap here.  Although how to change it, i have no idea.

Originally posted on Naturist Fab:

I follow the naturist lifestyle the best and only way I can and have wondered why certain naturists don’t follow back on Twitter.    After my interview with Björ Christianson in February I understood. Anyone I follow can see what I “favorited” and this is why I think being a gay naturist can be an issue. I do not retweet anything sexual or related to porn that comes through my feed. I will block when I have a chance anything that has to do with sex or porn. (As of this writing, my Twitter account is protected and therefore I get to accept who can follow me).

As an artist and a gay man I can appreciate the male form and have on occasion “favorited” pictures of nude men on Twitter. Not in any state of arousal mind you, just pictures of beautiful men in either an outdoor or natural setting.  …

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