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Dozens of students go topless on campus to ‘Free the Nipple’

SAN DIEGO – A rally for gender equality had UC San Diego students stripping down Wednesday afternoon.  Organizers said the goal of “Free the Nipple” was to de-sexualize the female breasts. They are calling for the same rights as men when it comes to going topless in public.  On Wednesday, dozens of male and female students disrobed on UC San Diego’s campus. Everyone was encouraged to strip down to their own comfort level.  “…We’re trying to normalize this and feel good about our bodies for both men and women,” said one participant.  
Free the Nipple at UCSD
Dozens of students go topless at UC San Diego’s campus
    If this wasn’t more sensationalist feminist shilling I’d be okay with it.  But i know what we can do!  As men let us declare a “Free the Plumbing” day!  Or maybe we’ll be really catchy and call it, “GO PANTS LESS DAY”!  Now of course that means me will get to walk around with their penises and testicles fully exposed for all to see.  We’ll hand out literature claiming that underwear and pants are oppressing us.  And that pants are a system of oppression by the woman to keep us down!  We’ll also hand out pamphlets showing that men who have their testicles and penis exposed to natural sunlight have better reproductive and mental health.  We’ll also throw is some naturist and religious references to make us look legit.
     Oh who am I kidding.  We’d barely make it a day!  After hundreds of car wrecks, numerous arrests, assaults by angry husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and triggered feminists we’d be a mess. And the only thing we’d get out of its bruises, infertility, and an arrest record which will probably include numerous charges of rape by proxy and sexual offenses.  Well at least we’d be rid of this “Go shamelessly pander for extreme feminism” day.

Mom ‘Sick’ Over Daughter’s Controversial Class Assignment.


Poor mama’s little baby is gonna be nude in a classroom.  In California of all places.  I guess the mother must have forgotten she was sending her child to school in the land of fruit and nuts.  Personally I’m all for the class, not because I’m and nudists or even because i do nude photography, but because the class is voluntary and nudity is not truly required.  Most of the students are also defending the class.

A visual arts professor at University of California, San Diego, has come under fire this week for an assignment that requires students to be naked in front of the class.

For his class “Performing the Self,” Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez makes students perform what he calls a “nude/naked gesture,” which is basically a short performance in the nude.

This week, the mother of one student in the class spoke out against the assignment. “It bothers me; I’m not sending her to school for this,” the mother, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told local 10News on Friday. “To blanketly say you must be naked in order to pass my class… It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Now lets get to the heart of the matter.  I wonder if this mother would be concerned if the person teaching the class was some 40-something white female, who is a former flower child.  Instead of a male who is obviously of Mexican heritage.  Not to say the mother is racist, but she is obviously concerned that the ‘evil’ professor is some kind of sicko male perv, who wants to lust over her daughter.  Considering the age of the daughter and the fact that its California, probably more men  have already seen the daughter naked then the numbers of men and women currently attending the class.  But i am willing to bet at least a dollar that if the teacher was female we wouldn’t be hearing of this.  What say you though?

Yeah i did not know this.  It just popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook. 11174840_1054477191247591_2700667945716098836_n wngd

Sometimes I wonder….

I wonder if the reason this site gets so many views is because people are looking for porn.


felt i should reblog this since i shave too.

Originally posted on All Nudist:

Pubic Shaving  To shave or not to shave, and how to do it!

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The body acceptance movement, the Topless Woman movement, and many other movements may have been spawned either from feminism or the growth of Naturism.  One of the problems these social movements have is corruption by outside forces seeking to ‘umbrella’ them under one banner or movement.  Feminism is a good example of this.  The feminists immediately declared that the body/fat acceptance movement was theirs and almost immediately a slew of posts on social media appeared promoting the belief that its okay to fat, or ugly, or flat chested.

While believing that the body God gave you is a beautiful and blessed thing, what we do not need is to do is to confuse vice (pornography) and self-promotion with body acceptance or nudism.  What the feminist movement never latched onto was the fact that Naturism and Nudism already promote a healthy body and a healthy body image.  We’ve been doing that for decades without the help of social media.

So why does feminism cling to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus as promoters of body acceptance?  Because they want to be those two.  They really aren’t promoting body acceptance, they are just trying to justify their own sense of self-worth.  Nudism promotes a healthy body image without being self-aggrandizing or self-promoting.  But the feminists will never come to our side because in the end they are still ashamed of their own bodies.

You know what i really screwed up on this one, and i apologize.  I actually never thought about our fellow Hispanic naturists.  My fault!  But i went and looked for a few images to post and didn’t find much.  But here they are.  Also i found a interesting article about Anarcho-naturism.  Give it a read.

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Do you ever hear…

about a naturist committing murder/suicide?

going on a killing spree?

committing rape?

And the textiles wonder whats wrong with us.

So i’m looking around my old flickr account and i stumble onto this:

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Of course its the Folsom Street Fair and guess what tags these pictures were under?  You guessed right: Nudism.  I know we sometimes wonder why Naturism and Nudism has such a bad rap.  Well this kind of stuff is why.  How in the hell did we become associated with these people in the first place.  I try not to be judgmental but i can’t help it when i see shit like this!  Open sex acts on a public street, people simulating BDSM and having orgies in a hotel room in front of windows!  And people associate Nudism and Naturism with this…well…with this poor white trash freak festival?  Sometimes i think we need to speak out and make sure the rest of the world knows we have nothing to do with these people.  And we need to tell these ‘people’ to stop trying to associate themselves with us.


Just my two cents.

I was reading some old posts on a few naturist forums and in the single male category there was some talk about how single males get the short end of the stick in many private nudist venues.  Some of it struck me as kind of strange, so i went back through some of my old posts and found an old post where i lightly discussed the issue here: Single Male Nudists.

Now what i found interesting about some of the posts were a few black males still were actually worried about private and public venues due to fears of being gawked at because of the size of their penises.  One guy stated he was worried that he may get assaulted by a group of angry male spouses and fathers whose wives and daughters did more then look for small moment.  I found this to be silly, because i seriously doubt that would happen.  If this is actually the cause of the single male exclusion in some private venues then maybe the rules should state this: Due to safety concerns for single male patrons we are barring them from the resort because we are worried about the roving eyes of peoples spouses and children.  (sarcasm for those who don’t get it)

Another several posters also complained about some rules about piercings.  One guy complained that he had been asked to take his penis and scrotum piercings out when he visited a private venue.  He stated he found it very sexists when there were women with piercings in their labia and nipples, and they were not asked to remove their piercings.  Well i took offense until i read a few more posts and discovered that said male had heavy piercings in his penis and scrotum.  He looked kind of freakish and was basically wearing hoop earrings in these piercings and he looked like some loser that frequents a Folsom St. parade.  So i could understand why the venue would ask him to remove them.  Its one thing to be different.  Its another to draw attention to yourself, especially your genitals.

Now as far as piercings for females and males go i believe any private venue has the right to make the rules as they see fit.  Nipple piercings and heck maybe even vaginal piercings may be okay so long as they don’t stand out so much that anyone can see them from a number of feet away.  I’ve seen a .gif on 4chan of some  mature BDSM woman who had so many heavy piercings in her outer and inner labia that she made noise like a key chain or wind chimes when she walked.  I wouldn’t want to see that in a public or private nudist venue, or hear it coming for that matter!  LOL!

I think we need to think as single people about a certain modicum of modesty in our nude appearance, even with piercings.  A good rule to follow may be this:  If you can’t wear the piercing(s) to work then you probably shouldn’t wear it to the nudist resort.

Just my two cents on this matter.


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