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I decided to post some links for naturists of color or anyone who is interested in naturism who is a person of color to check out:

I Am a Black Naturist. experience project site for black naturists to share experiences

Naturists of Color: site good site to start with

Pictures of Black Naturists from photo-sugar

Brown and Bare new and up in coming site.

maybe I’ll name this one, “Cooking the Nude” or maybe “Cooking in the All Together”.


Started out pretty good.


always wear a apron when cooking with grease.


while the food was cooking i decided to was a few dishes

cooking some squash

cooking some squash

the end result

the end result

some fried squash mixed with leftover Chinese food.  And some Crystal Light Pink Lemonade to drink.

that's all folks.

that’s all folks.

well it did taste pretty good to me.

Hell if I know, but i wanted to do something involving nudity and my camera.  What can i say i was bored.  I was also inspired by some blogger who was taking pictures of himself doing yard work in the nude.  So i says, “Hey i can do something like that too.”

So yesterday I got started:


This is what the windows from across the room look like.  As you can see there’s a brick wall in the neighbor’s yard that obstructs his view which would be right into the computer room.  So generally i keep one of the curtains covering the window on the right.  But to be honest if you’re walking my yard right near the window you can see right in, but that never happens, so why worry.

DSC_0010 DSC_0005

So i decided to look out my window, which i rarely do, and there’s my neighbor getting in his car.  He didn’t see me of course.  And yeah i decided to smoke for these pictures, made it a bit more interesting in my opinion.

taking a smoke and still kinda fat.

taking a smoke and still kinda fat.

Jazz hands

Jazz hands

So i kinda got bored and did a goofy pose.

DSC_0022 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0036

So later that night I decided to take some more pictures of me at my front door.  A little risky, because any one could have driven by at any moment but after 11:30 PM no one is around on my street anyway.

Well that’s it for now.

I was reading some old posts on a few naturist forums and in the single male category there was some talk about how single males get the short end of the stick in many private nudist venues.  Some of it struck me as kind of strange, so i went back through some of my old posts and found an old post where i lightly discussed the issue here: Single Male Nudists.

Now what i found interesting about some of the posts were a few black males still were actually worried about private and public venues due to fears of being gawked at because of the size of their penises.  One guy stated he was worried that he may get assaulted by a group of angry male spouses and fathers whose wives and daughters did more then look for small moment.  I found this to be silly, because i seriously doubt that would happen.  If this is actually the cause of the single male exclusion in some private venues then maybe the rules should state this: Due to safety concerns for single male patrons we are barring them from the resort because we are worried about the roving eyes of peoples spouses and children.  (sarcasm for those who don’t get it)

Another several posters also complained about some rules about piercings.  One guy complained that he had been asked to take his penis and scrotum piercings out when he visited a private venue.  He stated he found it very sexists when there were women with piercings in their labia and nipples, and they were not asked to remove their piercings.  Well i took offense until i read a few more posts and discovered that said male had heavy piercings in his penis and scrotum.  He looked kind of freakish and was basically wearing hoop earrings in these piercings and he looked like some loser that frequents a Folsom St. parade.  So i could understand why the venue would ask him to remove them.  Its one thing to be different.  Its another to draw attention to yourself, especially your genitals.

Now as far as piercings for females and males go i believe any private venue has the right to make the rules as they see fit.  Nipple piercings and heck maybe even vaginal piercings may be okay so long as they don’t stand out so much that anyone can see them from a number of feet away.  I’ve seen a .gif on 4chan of some  mature BDSM woman who had so many heavy piercings in her outer and inner labia that she made noise like a key chain or wind chimes when she walked.  I wouldn’t want to see that in a public or private nudist venue, or hear it coming for that matter!  LOL!

I think we need to think as single people about a certain modicum of modesty in our nude appearance, even with piercings.  A good rule to follow may be this:  If you can’t wear the piercing(s) to work then you probably shouldn’t wear it to the nudist resort.

Just my two cents on this matter.

tumblr_n6fs7jlcXO1rlvok5o1_500 tumblr_m67o307DNF1ro9uz3o1_500 tumblr_mvfdo3bHIn1sj3clco1_500 tumblr_n3b038fAUY1sv37tvo1_1280 tumblr_n6f952ygNr1qb9wbfo1_500


Just a few pictures.

DSC_0320 DSC_0317 DSC_0322 DSC_0323 DSC_0318 DSC_0319


I’ll be honest.  I was scared to do this post.  The fear has nothing to do with shame mind you, but other personal things.  But here i am.  Sorry for the quality of the pics, but i wasn’t the camera man at the time.



Yeah…I’m starting to feel old, and fat.  I guess these pictures kind of reflect my mood at the moment.  The bad thing about cold weather is it makes it harder to go for a walk and try to improve my health.  Thankfully though a space heater in my computer room helps me drastically reduce how much heating gas i use, so my gas bill has been low this month so far.

As a nudist i sometimes i find myself asking, “Do i need to lose weight and get healthy for my sake or the sake of being nude.  Being nude all the time you get used to your own body, but you also have to look at yourself and if you are lucky you don’t become judgmental of yourself to the point where you feel disgusted at your own looks.  Some days i feel that way.  Especially when it comes to my own nudism.  When i mention that i sit at home all day in the nude to other blacks, i either get some restrained laughter, or judgmental looks from them, especially the older blacks.  But i am well on my way to being that older black person.  I’m 36 yrs old now.  Maybe i need to find a life and a nudist retreat.

Either way i just stepped outside in the buff to toss out some food to the local stray cats and i can tell its only 60 degrees out.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk and get out of this house for a bit.

Originally posted on clothes free life:

I was having a conversation recently with another African American nudist about the the virtue of African Americans getting tanned in the sun. Conversation went something like this.
THEM: I am dark enough already.
ME: Don’t you want a full even color?
THEM: Don’t the dark areas just get darker?
ME: Good point

Many white nudists relish the opportunity to get a deep dark all over tan at the nude beach or resort. But what is the draw for African Americans. Many of us don’t really go very far into the water since often African Americans, especially urban dwellers have not learned how to swim. Nor do we do many water activities that involve getting covered by water, (black women often try to keep their hair intact). Now I know these are generalizations, I am proof of that, I can swim, I lay out in the sun. But they are…

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great looking women

Originally posted on clothes free life:

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When i saw this article on the All Nudist blog i was taken aback by it.  The article, Single Male Nudists – Still a Problem made me wonder are people at naturist retreats and resorts still that prudish and backwards.  Are the people there still that uptight and worried about single men.  While i read the article and agree that there are men who are there to look at the ladies and try to get a date.  I don’t think its a epidemic but the comments to the article almost seem to relate a feeling that many people think there is a epidemic of rude, crude, single males showing up at family nudist resorts.  I also have to say this as a single male.  If there are single ladies there then what is the problem??  As long as said single male isn’t harassing married women or any women in general i don’t see what’s wrong with trying to get a date.

Now as for me this article brought home something i don’t like to remember too well.  Back when i was in my twenties i found the naturist retreat in Chesnee, SC, my home state.  I was there for only 10 minutes and the owners, a white couple, were quite friendly and welcoming.  While i was still clothed though i could feel the stares and disdain from the few whites that were there.  While i am not racist, my daddy didn’t raise no fool either.  I know that males generally in the age range of 40 to 60, which is the range for most nudists these days, are from the same generation as my dad.  And what i was concerned about was a bunch of hostile, older white men, who were worried that i was some hung, black stallion that would woo their wives and daughters away with my ample crotch size.

For the record I’m somewhat below average from what I’ve seen of other black males, but you’d think no one would care about that now in 2012.  That scenario still worries me though, and this article doesn’t help much in that regard.  I’m even more wary now about going to a resort then ever before.  Well i don’t have much else to say on the matter for now.

But the idea of creating a resort for single males sounds inviting i feel that its ultimately silly and makes men feel as if we’re nothing more then herded cattle who need to be contained lest our libidos make us wander.


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